Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blindsided at the movies

I do like movies, but I hate paying full price for them especially when they they come out on DVD within 6-8 months after release. It is great to see a film on the big screen though, beats the television, especially the night scenes ( they don't show up real well on our screen, everything looks black and I have to guess whats happening). Friday afternoon all the kids were off school and I came home from work to have Marlene ask me to go to a matinee. Less money, big screen, sounds good. We watched Blindsided with Sandra Bullock. Its a story about a young man that is huge but homeless. He gets into a private Christian academy across town from where he grew up with the hope that he could play athletics there. He has poor grades, two pairs of clothes, and sleeps in a laundromat. He doesn't fit in there and other then one teacher everyone thinks he's out of place. He befriends a younger white kid whose Mother is touched by what she sees. She invites him to their home for Thanksgiving and ends up becoming his legal guardian. The story is true, the boy is Michael Oher, the left tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. Its title is suppose to relate to the fact that the left tackle is usually responsible for protecting the quarterbacks blind side. The story actually does the blindsiding, so nice to see some people out there willing to sacrifice and love one another. Its my favorite now. Well worth watching no matter where. I'd pay to see it again, and will buy it when it comes out.

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Linz said...

Cool sounds like a good movie...we will have to get it from redbox. Thanks for the tip!