Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Premature Baldness

Yep I'm talking about hair now! Or at least the lack of it. Last Sunday my wife was out of town for Father's day. None of my children recognized this event until they went to church and it was announced from the pulpit. Feeling sorry for myself I thought I need to do something just for me, and so I did. I shaved my head! Bic'd it to the skin in fact.

You probably are thinking why bother shaving it as it will soon fall out anyways, or turn grey and look like its gone but I like to think that I'm in control of something in my life. I actually like shaved heads, less to worry about in the morning, never have to carry a comb or brush anywhere. Its a live much less hectic. My kids all think that it looks good too! Anything would be an improvement on my ugly mug. The real reason I didn't do it before is my wife!

Marlene just never thought she would be married to a bald man. She just can't get over the feeling of a clean shaved head on the man she married. So with her gone on Father's day it was the perfect setting to get it done. So if anyone has some good tips for keeping the baldness beautiful I'm all ears, really "all ears".

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