Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is it cold or am I old?

I've lived in Las Vegas almost all of my life. Well I was born here lived away til 8 years old, came back, went to the Y, mission, back to Y, graduated moved to California, then came back. So yes its all my life. I like the heat in the summer, doesn't bother me much. If it does there is air conditioning and I stay inside. But I've noticed that the winters here seem to be much colder then I remember. I have memories of playing in shorts on Christmas day. Going water skiing in late February and now I have to wear a jacket to type on the computer. Everyone is talking about global warming and I think its more like a ice age coming then a hot spell.

When I try and tell people about my concerns that another ice age is occuring they tell me that I'm getting old. Whats that got to do with glaciers extending? Does your blood get thinner when you get older? If it does thats the only thing that gets thinner with age. If it did why all the hype about cholesterol and blood clots, no if it got thinner it could slip around any blockages. I think people just want to call others old. Thats the rub of it. You can't insult anyone directly but you can discreetly cut them to the quick and remind them that they are aging as we speak. Old people allways seem to be cold. For instance the shawl is not well used on the teen age set. But walk around the mall and look at the benchs and its shawl city. Go to the library and its even worse. I think the shawl is like a hole filled blanket, it would look kinda homeless to walk around with a blanket on but the shawl is a fashion statement. Still why do you have to get colder as you age? You should have more insulation to cover those vital organs, that should keep you warmer. But it doesn't. You still just feel cold.

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