Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thoughts on Matt

Ok, now its been 6 months since the first attempt to blog. That went so well I figured I could take some time and really let the ideas percolate. Decay would be a better word. Its 2009 and in some ways it feels like 2008 again. Not really, there are some noticible difference in my life and the life of our family. We still do a lot of the same things that we did in 2008. We still go to church on Sunday, call for shotgun in the car (unless Marlene comes). Spencer's playing football, Jenna's playing the field, and Emily plays the Viola. But things are different. My oldest son, Matt, is in El Salvador. Whooooo. Yeah when I tell people that he's there I get some interesting looks. Most people still feel there is a war going on there and in a way they are right. Matt is in a battle, a battle between whats good and whats better. What he is teaching the people in El Salvador is changing their lives. Making them better people, closer families, happier for what they have. His cousin Loren Denton is doing the same thing in Colorado, in fact there are over 50,000 people throughout the world passing along the same messages. They are helping families be together for not only this life but the life to come. Teaching them to be happy no matter what circumstances they may find themselves. He's making a huge difference there and here.

See him being there doing what he's doing is making me realize that I need to be better here with the family I have now. Since he left in September his corespndance has influenced me and my family to be better then we were. We are more thankful for what we have, more involved in each other's lives. He's caused us to open our eyes and recognize things that we've always taken for granted and see them in a whole new light. Its like a great gift has been given to us, one I hope we never forget. In this changing world, where all things apear to be filled with dark and gloomy thoughts my hope is that we may all remember who's children we really are and that He still cares for us and wants us to suceed. He loves us. My son reminds me of that every day, and he probably doesn't even know it.

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